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Career Coach and Industry Blog Writers Needed

Are you looking for a side hustle that allows you to share your interest in career coaching, professional development, and the intersections of identity and career? Well, Awesomely Authentic is looking for side hustlers who want to write career driven content across the spectrum of experience levels, industries, and professions.

Who Can Apply?

We are looking for a person who has something to say. Isn't afraid to call out what needs to be called out. A researcher who goes by truth and details. Cites their sources and pushes the status quo. Empathetic and solution focused. If that’s you, and you are down to do vlogs, blogs, etc, then please email your resumes and website/work sample to


Pay: $50 per article of 500-1200 words. Long form of 1200+ is negotiable based on project and scope of work. Max is $300 for article. Payment is monthly. Feature on Freelancers Page

Types of Articles: Article must be pitched and approved by Founder, Matthew French, before payment will be remitted. The content is expected to be from a variety of intersections, lived experiences, generations, POV, etc.

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