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November News!

In this edition we highlight amazing employers, LGBTQ+ Professionals Facebook Group and more!

OMG! Check out this awesome shout out from MOLOCO!

I love feeling the support and dedication from employers like MOLOCO, Discovery Education, Expel and more on their LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts. It's always important to remember inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility takes time. Start small. One hour conversations can lead to big change with consistency and openness.


I know, Facebook is a drag. But it's not all your Aunt Karen posting scary mems about the end of the world. It's home to an amazing LGBTQ+ resource. This is literally one of the few reasons I still have my Facebook account. The LGBTQ Professionals Group. Ask professional questions, get career tips, network with others from around the world and it's a safe community! I do think a majority of the people I see engaging in the group are white gay men (more diversity please), however I have seen nothing but support from the group to all of its members. Visit the group here.

Connect with Charles on LinkedIn

Mr. Britt is a certified cybersecurity professional and longtime advocate for increasing diversity in the technology field. Currently, Mr. Britt is a Cybersecurity Compliance Officer with U.S. Food and Drug Administration in Washington, DC.

Prior to rejoining civil service in 2018, Charles worked for Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) as a STEM Outreach Coordinator. In this role he led efforts to develop cocurricular and summer programs to engage students in STEM as well as establish industry partnerships to support regional IT and cybersecurity workforce development initiatives.

Before working in education, he served 12+ years in both technical and project management positions within the U.S. Intelligence Community supporting agencies such as the CIA, National Counterterrorism Center, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

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