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Hydrate or Die-drate: Replenishing Your Soul with Sapphic Serotonin, A Poem By Dani Redmond

Hydrate or die-drate.

Personally, I pick


Dehydrate because I don't want to go downstairs

So I swallow my spit

and don't pitch a fit

As my parents' fight is drowned out by MCR


Dehydrate because the taste of my salty tears keep me company

And in the corner of my closet Hayley

Waits patiently

While I cough up the courage

to believe in me.


Dehydrate because I'm drowning in my thoughts

As feral feelings are buried underneath bedrock

Waiting for that patriarchal pin to drop.




Hydrate because Marsha already made a heavenly kingdom.

Sure, this place has its problems.

It's infiltrated by terfs

The ground grumbles from local tracking

and caves are cracked by cracker income

But here the land is run by the serfs

The water is crystal clear

Free from Methodist mercury

The water is ice cold

Free from inorganic indifference


We are almost free


I hydrate in peace;

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