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5 Queer Couples Who We Love to Annoy Us

Happy Post-Pride Month, y'all!

We all know that Hollywood loves throwing in a queer character that has absolutely no purpose other than comedic relief. They're always the butt of gay jokes (that aren't even funny), get barely any screen time, and get cut from the show early. In honor of pride month, I compiled a list of my favorite queer (and queer-coded) characters that Hollywood almost got right but missed the mark by being stereotypical or problematic in some way.

Eye roll #1: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time

This wouldn’t be a list of queer characters if this pair wasn’t on here somewhere. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline have the most stereotypical lesbian relationship: the on-again-off-again, best-friends-with-my-ex relationship everyone who’s been in a sapphic relationship can relate to. Small shoutout to Hollywood for giving these two a spinoff though!

Eye roll #2: Tina and Bette - The L Word

While this might not be everyone’s favorite couple, they sure are doing the sapphic relationship thing right. Their not-so-healthy relationship has it all: multiple break-ups, a cheating scandal, Tina leaves Bette *temporarily* for another woman and then a man, and Tina even has a child with Bette. Double the baby-mama-drama. This couple is a little more toxic than most, but they definitely checked off most of the sapphic relationship boxes (and added a few of their own). They are probably the most action-packed queer couple I've seen in a TV show.

Eye roll #3: Abby and Harper - Happiest Season

Aaaand another stereotypical movie about a lesbian couple that’s not yet out to their families, *yawn*. BUT once again, the my-ex-comes-back-into-my-life situation is painfully accurate in this movie.

Eye roll #4: Alex and Piper - Orange is the New Black

Another queer couple with a dramatic back story and troubled relationship. Being with your drug-ring ex-lover in prison HAS to be a weird relationship. And these two showed that. A few (many) break-ups and makeups, sacrifices, and betrayals between these two wasn’t enough to keep them apart. (Seriously, why can lesbians never leave their exes?!) These two have had their fair share of anger-turned-passion love affairs.

Eye roll #5: Jennifer Check - Jennifer’s Body

WHEW. A lot to unpack here. Jennifer is out as bisexual in the movie. She literally preys on men and also has a *super close* relationship with her best friend Needy. She and Needy don’t have a romantic relationship but they seem a lot closer than best friends to me. I mean have you seen how Needy looks at her?!

Hollywood missed the mark by not exploring Jennifer and Needy's relationship more, and Jennifer's only relations were with men.

We may not get a bunch of accurate LGBTQ+ characters in media, but there are those couples that just stick with us.

But seriously, Hollywood, can we ever get a queer couple where the characters are not closeted, targets of hate crimes, or have cheating scandals?! Thanks!

Who's your favorite problematic queer couple?!

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