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The Job Search with Ask Aussie

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Who loves insider tea from recruiters on the job search, resumes, ATS, and more? Well we have the person and program you should be following! Ask Aussie!

Austin Nelson is the host of Ask Aussie, a career and life advice podcast, as well as a consulting org for corporate hiring and people relations.

Ask Aussie is a show where we answer questions about… anything. Many of the questions are focused on career advancement but also we dig into other areas. - Austin Nelson (Host, Ask Aussie)

Austin and I met nearly 10 years ago while working at a small liberal arts college in NYC. Ever since his leap into the corporate arena we have stayed in contact and even worked together again at a small tech org. Now he and a team have started Ask Aussie and we sat down together so I could get all sorts of helpful details to share with all of you!


Matthew: Tell us a bit about your career path and why you started Ask Aussie.

Austin: I’ve always been curious and have a concierge approach to everything I do. After going to college in NYC and then jumping into higher education admissions- I learned a lot about sales, and recruiting, and wanted to do more. So I ventured into technology, working as a consultant and then full-time at hyper-growth companies. I finally got into recruiting and systems- making teams work smarter, not harder. People always come to me for things- in my family, friendships, and in work- I love being the go-to person to offer advice, share a new point of view, and more. I’ve hired hundreds of people for growing companies, I’ve ran 10+ ATS implementations and partnered with those companies to build scalable processes.

Ask Aussie was born when Michael reached out to me to do a podcast… I always wanted to do something with the name Ask Aussie and owned the domain name for awhile, thus the podcast was born. Michael and I worked together at two companies and he is so passionate about producing podcasts- so it was the perfect match. Ask Aussie is a show where we answer questions about… anything. Many of the questions are focused on career advancement but also we dig into other areas as well. We’ve had a fun time recording them and starting to bring on guests as well, because I only can talk so much. 

Matthew: When it comes to the job search for early career talent, what is one way they can really stand out to recruiters?

Austin: I’m a big fan of making sure you build your brand and that it’s consistent. Your resume and LinkedIn should align, connect with people that work at the company you are applying to, reach out to the recruiter on LinkedIn, or try to setup time with someone that works there to go the extra mile. People love to talk about themselves, experience, and career- so try to reach out. We did a really great episode for “what todo 6 months from graduation”- listen to that episode

Matthew: Are there any job boards or areas you recommend people to search for roles?

Austin: I’m a big fan of the power of LinkedIn- but it sometimes doesn’t have everything. I’ll also “Google” role titles to see what comes up and if companies are hiring. 

Matthew: What advice do you have for resumes? 1 page or 2 page?

Austin: I think you should be able to fit everything on 1 page- most of the time recruiters are going to look at your resume very quickly and might spend more time on your LinkedIn profile. There are so many great resources- is a great tool for job searching, building your resume, and equips you with amazing tools for finding your job. 

Matthew: What’s the best interview you ever conducted? What made it the best?

Austin: I loved being a recruiter and finding the right candidate on paper or via their LinkedIn profile and then having an amazing first screen/recruiter phone call. It’s always such a great feeling when the person is amazing on paper, amazing on the phone, and then you see them make it through the entire process. 

Matthew: Once someone makes it to the interview stage, what exactly is the employer looking for?

Austin: Usually it means they like your experience/background and want to consider you for the job. Usually you will have a call with the recruiter to check all the initial boxes- they will ask you “Tell me about yourself” and dig into the role more. Next you might speak with the hiring manager, do a take home test, and then meet with additional people from the team. Usually they should walk you through their process and if you need to prepare anything special. But remember, if you’ve made it to the interview- it’s time to showcase yourself and share why you are the perfect fit for the job. 

Matthew: Can you describe what an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is and does it screen out resumes before a recruiter reads it? 

Austin: Companies use ATS or applicant tracking systems to keep track of jobs and candidates that apply to those jobs. Usually an ATS system will parse out information from your resume so that recruiters can see if you meet requirements, quickly view your info, and more. A good recruiter will always look at your resume and LinkedIn profile- but sometimes jobs get 100s and 100s of applicants. Using a simple resume template is usually best and always make sure to add your LinkedIn profile, email address, and phone number to your resume. There are tools that can screen out resumes but usually a recruiter will look through resumes- BUT if the role has a lot of applicants… you might go unnoticed. That’s why setting yourself apart, reaching out to the recruiter, and referrals for jobs is very helpful. 


There you have it! Sound advice and insight from Ask Aussie! Tune in to the Ask Aussie podcast every week for 30 minutes of advice and guidance on career and life. Host Austin Nelson brings a unique perspective to the show, drawing on his life experience as a gay man growing up in the south and his expertise in areas such as corporate growth, recruitment, and career development. Make Ask Aussie a part of your life and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to make positive changes in your career and personal life.

Join their mailing list and submit your questions to their weekly show by visiting Listen where ever you catch your podcasts!

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