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TextNow: A Company Not Satiated with the Minimum

With growing awareness of the importance of intersectionality, some businesses have struggled with how to integrate diversity and inclusion into their corporate structure. TextNow is an organization that is actively working to be at the forefront of an equitable workplace. This past week, I was able to sit down with Suzanne Salzberg, VP of Talent, and Austin Nelson, Recruitment Ops, of TextNow. We were able to discuss the ways in which TextNow is eliminating bias and creating a place that celebrates the differences between colleagues.

How is TextNow doing this? Remote Working and transparency.

A type of working that has been popularized by the recent pandemic could actually be the key to some companies making the workplace an equitable place. TextNow employs a work from anywhere model that seeks to help individual employees craft an environment that is the most conducive for their mindset. With large offices in Canada and California, TextNow embraces technology as a solution for differences in schedules or the workplace divide. The working from anywhere model encourages employees to work in a way that suits them best, instead of what is solely convenient for the workplace. This allows employees that have a different home life or alternate obligations to still succeed within a career trajectory.

TextNow’s slogan on diversity is that difference makes us better. Not only does diversity increase the scope of the company, but it also lets colleagues collaborate with each other and learn from different perspectives. With that being said, TextNow is also cognizant of not pushing employees to boundaries that they are not comfortable with sharing. Salzburg emphasizes that TextNow is supportive of whatever employees would like to discuss with coworkers or supervisors. This is important, as it signals an open work environment that is willing to be supportive and active while also respecting boundaries put in place by the individual.

With remote working it can be challenging to foster social events and interactions between coworkers, but TextNow creates options for employees to meet and bond, while also recognizing that employee driven initiatives are ones that hold the most impact. Nelson and Salzberg explained that though corporate initiatives can work, giving the tools and materials directly to employees can cultivate a stronger connection between employees. With worker mixers beginning to pop up in larger populated cities, TextNow also creates groups and online channels for coworkers of like perspectives to connect and form a strong social network for support.

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Transparency creates a clearer workplace and space

Not only does TextNow focus on a conducive environment, the organization highlights the transparency that is constantly in play in the company. From a mandatory interview training program to a statistical breakdown of the diversity of the company, TextNow actively works to eliminate bias within the hiring process. When looking to potential employees, many companies can falter when it comes to the language used on applications or the criteria used to test technological innovation; but TextNow works to review the hiring process continuously to ensure that no step within the approach is disproportionately targeting a group or perspective.

While there are still rampant exclusionary practices when it comes to corporate and career settings, TextNow is an organization that recognizes the active role that must be taken instead of a passive approach. This means that TextNow is not placated with keeping their equity, diversity, & inclusion stagnate and annual; instead they are focused on invigorating their programs with new and intersectional perspectives.

If you would like to read more about the career opportunities, please visit TextNow's main career page and find a position that is right for you!

Suzanne Salzberg, VP of Talent

Suzanne leads TextNow’s talent and recruiting team as VP of Talent. With more than three decades of recruiting experience, she has worked both with Fortune 500 companies and hyper-growth startups as an external recruiter and recruiting consultant. Suzanne is passionate about inspiring people to do their best work and is actively involved with multiple education and leadership development organizations at the state and national levels.

Austin Nelson, Recruitment Ops

Austin oversees TextNow’s recruitment operations programs and gets involved with the companies EDI efforts. Originally he grew up in South Carolina and studied in NYC. He has experience within the higher education space, tech recruiting for start ups and large organizations. He has a passion for helping others through working and consulting.


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