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Rocko's Modern Work-Life Balance

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Working remotely challenges you to be purposeful in finding time to step away from the home office and step into your home. You know the home I am talking about. The feeling of comfort, relaxation, and recharge. In the modern work world many of us may be struggling to find that work-life balance, especially with work and those reminders of work only a few steps away when you're remote.

To help us navigate our new modern world and the work-life balance questions, we're going to lean on professionals from Out in Tech and everyone's favorite wallaby Rocko.

Find a Way to Get Positive Feedback Outside of Work

It’s so important to consistently get recognition for hard work, and it’s equally important to be aware that you’re likely not getting that from your day job. Maintaining work/life balance is so much more achievable when you understand what your needs are and when you’re able to meet those needs in a way that’s separate from your day job.

- Dan Luria (They/He) // Senior Engineering Manager

Limit Those Energy Drainers

Sometimes we tend to stretch a little bit too much, go the extra mile for every task and person - until it becomes a reflex. Learn healthy limits and exercise saying no to safeguard your mental health and prevent burn out.

- Alejandra Ratti (She/Her) // Resource Management Specialist

Invest In A Healthy Home Office

Invest in an ergonomic office chair keyboard and monitor set up. Don't be afraid to demand these things in the office. It could save you in medical bills and missed work days down the road.

- Jeannie

Everyone's Definition of Work and Life Balance Are Very Different.

For example, a person can be very different if they are a parent or caregiver compared to a person who is overall content being single. Given this, my first question to any friend or mentee are what are the IMBALANCES in your life? How are you addressing those IMBALANCES with yourself, with those around you, with your manager, with your mentor, and if necessary, with your life coach or therapist. Do you regularly meet with your manager whom you can trust to address these IMBALANCES?

Next, and what saved my life, my relationships, and my health is how can you show others around you your brand of a consistent lifestyle? Do you want to be known as a person who can be called up at 2AM or do you want to be known that you are offline for dinner and family after 6PM? Setting those boundaries indirectly and directly can be very powerful from putting it on the calendar to making a clear statement to your coworkers.

I've been in your shoes where I had a lot of imbalances in work and life that sacrificed my relationships, friendships, and even my own health. However, taking that time to step back and addressing those imbalances and how to better tackle them will make you more happier at work, at home, and in their community. Again, all of us have our own definition of work and life balance and I hope each of you can address your own imbalance to be awesome in the future.

- John Huan Vu (He/Him) // Engineering Program Manager

Communicate Your Needs, but Know When To Look for Another Opportunity

With work being part of the lives of many of us, I think it's important to incorporate work into the balance of life in general. If you're not able to balance on a day-to-day basis, can you balance a different way? Some people like to pack four 10-hour days in the week to receive three days off. Some like to work earlier and/or later to allow for mid-day needs (gym, errands, kid events, etc.).

If your job is not allowing you opportunities to find some balance, talk to your manager. Talk to HR. If you're unable to get anywhere with either of the two, a new career may be what you need. Main thing - find out what your obstacles are. If they're obstacles you can directly change, make some changes. If you cannot change them, what are some ways you can influence?

- Michael Kazakaitis (He/Him) // Senior Administrative Assistant

Your Job Is Not Your Identity

...despite what the corp branding people want you to think. You might be a “companyer” (eg, a Googler), but that is not a real human relationship. Once you leave that job, and you will, you won’t want to wear the swag anymore… so understand that up front, and don’t invest yourself in taking on an identity as a corporate employee. Do your job, do it well, and take pride in it. Participate in the company social life, and enjoy it. Just don’t make it a cornerstone of who you are. Tech jobs are temporary.

-Brent Miller (He/Him) // Lead Software Engineer

Invest In Yourself

Jump into this new found blend of working remote and use the time you would've used on a commute, to reinvest in yourself. Take a nap, start that puzzle, buy a small craft from your local craft store, listen to your Podcast, whatever that certain thing is that brings you joy. That hour before and after you get off work are for you to use for some designated self care.

- Matthew French (They/He), Founder

What are some of your work-life balance tips? How will you start your own journey towards work-life harmony? Share below!

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