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Awesomely Authentic welcomes Nora Tejada as Higher Education DEI Intern


Image of Nora Tejada
Nora Tejada, Oklahoma State University, Awesomely Authentic Intern

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Hi everyone, I am Nora Tejada. I am a first-generation college student and very interested in higher education and student affairs. I am currently a second-year student in the educational leadership studies option in college student development at Oklahoma State University. I have had two assistantships at Oklahoma State, and both had areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). I graduated from Tarleton State University with an undergraduate degree in psychology. I was involved in many student organizations and roles including Student Government Association, Hispanic Student Organization, Gay Straight Alliance, and as a residential leader. My experience as a residential leader during my undergrad is what mainly started my interests in supporting college students. My residents and staff helped me gain more responsibility and awareness of what kind of resources are available on college campuses. My undergraduate experiences led me to pursue a degree in higher education and student affairs.

My professional interests include academic advising, career development, DEI, and how I can do my best to support college students. I am also interested in mental health awareness and advocacy and would like to see how I can implement that in my future career. I am most looking forward on how to continue to gain more knowledge and skills as well as learn more about how to help the LGBQIA+ community and other marginalized communities working as an intern at Awesomely Authentic. I also want to expand my leadership and supervision skills while I am at Awesomely Authentic that I can utilize in my future career.

As a Mexican American pansexual student, I hope that students can talk to me about how their college experience has been and how we can make it better. It is crucial for me to keep educating myself and understand every students’ experience is different. One of my career aspirations is to inspire and be arole model to students. I hope that students feel more confident in themselves and know that they can continue to pursue their degree. I hope I can be part of some way in students’ growth and development.

My Instagram: noraxzulema


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