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February Monthly Mixtape

In this edition, we're going LIVE on LinkedIn for a look into the world of Drag, discuss how The Rugrats are connected to the world of work, introduce you to the work of Matt Winser-Johns and highlight GLSEN's Pronoun Guide.

How The Rugrats Taught Millennials

Skills for the Workplace

I’m a 90s kid. I was born in 1989 and part of the later stage millennials (1981-1995). Our age group had a fascinating childhood. We grew up in a world where computers were becoming commonplace in schools and the home, the internet became "a thing," and Nicktoons, TRL, and Clarissa Explains It All were the "must-watch TV." Unlike now, when dozens of streaming services offer millions of hours of on-demand content, 90s kids had shared media experiences. Without Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu to fracture our viewing habits, we watched very similar content. Thinking back on some of those experiences, one group of babies really taught us life skills that translate to the workplace - and no, it’s not the Muppet Babies. It’s Rugrats! Read full post here...

LinkedIn of Interest

Matt Winser-Johns, M.Ed. (He/Him/His)

Assistant Director of LGBT+ Programs

The University of Texas at Dallas

Matt Winser-Johns (he/him/his) is the Assistant Director for LGBTQ+ Programs at The University of Texas at Dallas. Matt has worked in Higher Education for over 15+ years and loves working with students. UT Dallas is currently ranked #14 in the nation for LGBTQ-inclusivity, based on the latest Campus Pride Index ranking. Matt's passions include making space for LGBTQ+ at the table. Matt knows Texas has a long way to go in inclusion for LGBTQ+ people, but he is committed to staying here and doing the work. Connect with Matt on LinkedIn.

GLSEN'S Pronoun Guide

Check it out! From GLSEN: This guide is created to help anyone learn how to use people’s correct pronouns. Everyone in your school community should engage in learning, educating, and advocating for the inclusive use of pronouns for all.

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