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Increase the bottom line and revamp your company culture to include LGBTQ+ identities. The workforce of tomorrow is looking for inclusion!

We are here to help facilitate conversations, educate employees and help make you more attractive to LGBTQ+ Candidates. 

It is our goal to help assist LGBTQ+ voices and raise up our community in the professional world. Contact us for pricing. Pricing is based on a sliding scale and we do our best to work within your budget.

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How It Works


Learning about the type of recruits you are looking to reach and evaluating what you are currently doing. We also cover the inclusion currently part of your company culture.


We will help you plan a strategy to implement into your recruitment, company culture tweaks and how to help you reach your recruiting and inclusion goals.


Through collaboration and our connections, we will help you come up with tangible ideas to recruit specific populations,  how to work best with university/college career centers.


Time to put into practice all of the hard work! We will be here for you to put your best foot forward.

Strategic Planning and Overhaul

(Cost: $5,000)

In this package we will work as a team to measure, collect and review your company. Ideally this is through a 4 step process that touches on the many facets of your company. 



The first step is collecting data and insight via anonymous surveys, review of recruitment practices, company culture, employee resources and more. Allowing the company to celebrate wins and focus on areas that need to be lifted up. 



In this process we take information learned from the evaluation phase and create a strategy to work on areas of improvement and continue the great work done previously. This is also where staff training can be implemented. As part of your package you receive three training sessions that are customized to your company and goals. 



In this section we work together to come up with support systems for your current employees, taking part if LGBTQ+ communities and best practices for recruitment of LGBTQ+ people. 



In this phase we take all we've come up with as a team and implement! Through continued education, preparing for recruitment events or supporting your ERG/creating an ERG. I am here to offer insight and advice on implementing your hard work!


If your company is looking for a more educational approach to start I offer these helpful LIVE virtual workshops. 


LGBTQ+ Allyship in the Workplace

Cost: $500

This 1 hour session is designed to give your employees an overall view of LGBTQ+ identities. The learning objectives include: An understanding of U.S. LGBTQ+ History, LGBTQ+ Terminology, and ways to incorporate allyship into your work.

# of Participants: No limit

Cost: FREE


What is Privilege? 

Cost $1,000

This 2 hour session focuses on privilege and intersectionality across the lines of race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and more. Through discussion and activities we deep dive into what privilege means and how intersectionality of our identities come together. The learning objectives include: understanding privilege, understanding intersectionality and the role an individual plays in these concepts. 

# of Participants: 10-50

Finding the Rainbow

Cost $500

This 1 hour session is perfect for you recruiters! We take a look at the best practices around recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding and retaining LGBTQ+ people. It includes helpful tips to reach the target audience and increase talent pools of LGBTQ+ people. Learning objectives include: LGBTQ+ terminology, recruitment of LGBTQ+ people and ways to retain talent.

# of Participants: No limit

Customized Presentation

Cost: $750

In this package we will meet for a discussion about your D&I education, recruitment and company culture goals. From that meeting I will create a 1 hour presentation based on your specific desired outcomes. 

# of Participants: No limit

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