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"We want to help more students!" That's really what drives the work at career services around the country. Sadly, many LGBTQ+ students and alumni may feel unwelcome or may have even had a bad experience with career services. 

We are here to help you and your staff work through programming, common career questions and connect with your campus LGBTQ+ Community. ​

It is our goal to help assist LGBTQ+ voices and raise up our community in the professional world. Contact us for pricing. Pricing is based on a sliding scale and we do our best to work within your budget.

Check Out Their LGBTQ+ Resources
  • Review of Internal and Digital Materials

  • Personalized Breakdown of LGBTQ+ Inclusion 

  • Hiring Insight Panel with LGBTQ+ Professionals from Your Industry

  • Career Coach Specific Training

  • Staff D&I Training 

  • Strategic Plan on D&I Initiatives

  • Networking Assistance with Local LGBTQ Organizations

  • Fun, Energetic and Insightful Presentations Tailored For You

  • Connecting with LGBTQ+ Affirming Companies

How We Can Help

Presentation Topics Include:​

  • LGBTQ+ and Career Prep 101 (FREE)

  • Finding Inclusion at Companies

  • Finding a Career Path for Queer People

  • To Come Out or Not to Come Out?

  • Allyship and the Job Search

  • Trans* and Non-Binary Tips for the Job Search

  • Utilizing LinkedIn and Finding Mentors

  • Creating & Understanding Your Career Brand

  • Framing Your Queer Experiences for Employers

  • Learning More About Queer Inclusive Benefits

Topics can be customized to your particular populations, locations and desired learning outcomes.  Sessions average 60 minutes in length. 

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