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Career Center & Higher Ed

"We want to help more students!" That's really what drives the work at career services and higher education around the country.


Sadly, many LGBTQ+ students and alumni may feel unwelcome or may have even had a bad experience with career services or other offices on your campus. 

We are here to help you and your staff work through programming, common career questions and connect with your campus LGBTQ+ Community and other diverse identities. 

It is our goal to help assist LGBTQ+ voices and minority voices (gender identity, race, first gen, students with disabilities,  etc.) raise them up  in the professional world. 


  • Diversity Events Review

  • Feedback on Vetting Employers for Overall Diversity

  • Review of Internal and Digital Materials

  • Personalized Breakdown of LGBTQ+ Inclusion 

  • Hiring Insight Panel with LGBTQ+ Professionals from Your Industry

  • Career Coach Specific Training

  • Staff D&I Training 

  • Strategic Plan on D&I Initiatives

  • Networking Assistance with Local LGBTQ Organizations

  • Fun, Energetic and Insightful Presentations Tailored For You

  • Connecting with LGBTQ+ Affirming Companies

Popular Services

Workshops for Students and Staff 
Click image for description, learning objectives, and cost. 

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