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Calling All Job and Internship Seekers

Do you identify with an underrepresented identity or marginalized community  (Black, Latine/o/a/x, LGBTQ+, Veteran, Rural Background, Non-Traditional Family, Religion, Age)?


Do you want a professional development experience that will not only allow you to understand how your identity intersects with your profession, but also allow you to pay it forward? If this sounds like you, then we invite you to apply for the first cohort of Authentic U!


What is  Authentic U

Authentic U is an 8 week professional development intensive program that is open to 10 professionals and students nationwide.


Over the 8 week experience, a select group of 10 individuals will  go through a full audit and fine tuning of their professional skills and brand. From discussing their identity and value, to making small talk at a business dinner for that dream job. Our team will work with you to highlight and translate your education, life experiences,  personality, and identity into the world of work fully authentic and fully you. This program requires 2 hours a week of your time. Meeting dates/times will be decided on by the group in the first session. 


At the conclusion of the 8 week program, we partner with you to connect you to your top employers. 


Week 1

Defining The You

Exploring your strengths, leveraging your experiences, and understanding your career identity


Week 2

Communication is Key

A microscopic and critical look at our language, communicating ideas, and working in teams. 


Week 3

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility

Leading through example, I.D.E.A. Goals, Gen Z Change Makers


Week 4

Professional Times

Advice on that first outting out with colleagues, how to handle the bill, and when to keep it personal or professional.


Week 5

Critical Thinking and Making it Work

A deep dive into problem solving, taking initiative, and being indispensable. 


Week 6

Shape up Online

This is where we will ensure your Instagram won’t cost you opportunity and create a brand online that’ll make you shine! 


Week 7

Putting it Into Play

Interviewing, being observant of company culture, and making connections. We will practice those skills to propel you into your future. 


Week 8

Looking Back and Reaching Out

Once you are making those dreams come true and able to help out. We will give you actionable steps to giving back and helping others with your newly found social capital and skills. You’ll also get to learn about our scholarship and the chance for you to be on the selection committee for scholarship dollars. 

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How Does it Work

Step 1: Apply and Interview
Step 2: Receive Your Acceptance into the Program

Step 3:  Participate in the 8 week program

Step 4: We help you give back

Check back soon for application opening.


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How Much does Authentic U Cost 

Authentic U participants are expected to pay a $25 fee to demonstrate commitment to the program. We offer payment assistance and scholarships. Payment is due upon acceptance into program. Please email us to inquire:


Awesomely Authentic and Authentic U are provided finders fees by employers if you are hired. 10% of all finders fees goes to the Awesomely Authentic Scholarship Fund. We encourage Authentic U participants to engage in choosing scholarship recipients. 


Authentic U Application
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Choose the Identities You Wish to Disclose:
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Thanks for submitting! If you are chosen, we will notify you about next steps and the interview process.

This form no longer accepts submissions. Please email for assistance.

Thank You to Our Partner

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