Queer Vaudeville Showcase

Edu-tainment is here!

This is a LGBTQ+ educational event and talent showcase like no other! Learn from LGBTQ+ individuals across the spectrum of identities. In between learning more about LGBTQ+ identities and experiences, enjoy the talents of these amazing performers! 

Performers We Work With

Performers who we collab with bring the face and talent to queer experiences. Please note that Awesomely Authentic LLC. is not a manager or representative of any talent. We work with performers 1:1 to welcome them to the space to share their talent and story. Based on your needs, Awesomely Authentic LLC. provides hosting/Mc services. The host/Mc will connect allyship tips, stories, and resources to broader learning objectives and calls-to-action. 

The Details

  • 3 LGBTQ+ performers

  • 1 Host/Mc from Awesomely Authentic

  • 10-15 minute virtual performance + 10-15 minute Q&A // allyship tips with performer each (Total 60 minute program).

  • Customized digital Queer Guide with your company logo, ERG/DEI Committee title, and resources

  • Fee allows for recording and sharing of event internally.

  • Will provide an anonymous Google form link for anonymous Q&A if desired

  • Cost varies based on budget, number of performers, and time of year.

  • Contact info@awesomelyauthentic.com for a free estimate! 

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